Total Project Leadership™
HE2PD, Inc provides comprehensive owner’s representative and construction monitoring services for a wide variety of projects in specialized fields. Our attention to detail, from preliminary design, budgeting and planning, through sign-offs by the appropriate agencies has put our team at the forefront of the consulting industry. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our clients with a single point of control for all project activities, ranging from conceptual development to project close-out. Our team of consultants and project managers possesses the experience and insight requisite for the successful coordination and completion of projects in all fields. » Site Selection The HE2PD, Inc team is available during site selection to aid and assist the Client in the evaluation of potential properties. » Program Evaluation HE2PD, Inc staff consultants will evaluate the needs of the Client’s construction program and will propose a framework for accomplishing those goals. » Assembly of Team Participants HE2PD, Inc will assist the client in selecting architects, engineers and consultants that are suited to the individual project goals. » Design Review and Value Engineering HE2PD, Inc will review the design proposed by the selected Architect and Engineer to ensure that the design meets the needs of the project with an efficient use of materials and space. » Scheduling HE2PD, Inc will work with all parties to establish a CPM schedule for the project and will set milestones for each phase of project development. HE2PD, Inc will regularly review and modify the schedule with the Client to ensure the timely completion of the project. » Contract Management HE2PD, Inc will assist in the negotiation of contracts between the Client and the selected project team as well as any prime subcontractors if appropriate for the scope of the project. » Construction Monitoring HE2PD, Inc will proactively monitor all construction activities for conformity to contract requirements and quality standards. The Client will be kept apprised of all job-related performance via day-to-day communications and the issuance of weekly project reports. » Cost and Change Order Control HE2PD, Inc works with the design team in earnest to reduce the need for change orders during the construction process. Any proposed change orders will be carefully analyzed to determine the scope of work required and the potential impact on project budget and schedule. » Financial Auditing HE2PD, Inc will monitor the disbursement of funds throughout the construction process and will provide cash flow projections for all phases of project development. HE2PD, Inc personnel will review and approve all requisitions for completeness and validity. » Equipment Selection HE2PD, Inc has the ability to assist our clients in the selection and installation of computer and telephone systems, including all related office equipment and utilities. » Security Having been commissioned by a number of foreign governments and financial institutions, we can coordinate the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art, high-level security system for our clients and will work in conjunction with the client's security officials in maintaining this system. » Project Completion / Sign-offs Upon project completion, HE2PD, Inc will work with all parties to ensure the timely sign-off of all disciplines. A close out package for future client reference will be assembled, coordinated and indexed for all major building systems and equipment. » Management of Tenant Architect. Engineers and Contractors HE2PD, Inc has the ability to oversee the management of tenant build-outs on behalf of the Client to ensure compliance with building standards and to maintain the integrity of the Client's infrastructure.