The foundation of any capital project is Integrity, Efficiency and Experience. HE2PD, Inc was founded on the premise that successful owner's representation requires more to TOTAL PROJECT LEADERSHIP than just construction management. It requires. Our attention to detail and appreciation for the special needs of projects in certain industries positions our firm to better assist our clients with the following types of construction:
The nature of construction in the above areas requires consideration of factors which are not at issue in other building projects. Concentration on life safety features, the need for extended public access, installation of state-of-the-art equipment, logistics, and the financial constraints of not-for-profit institutions are some of the challenges faced by the HE2PD, Inc team on a daily basis. Our diligence and expertise enables our firm to successfully overcome these challenges in order to deliver a project that is on schedule and within budget. HE2PD, Inc offers its clients the convenience of a specialized in-house facilities team with the benefits of per-project cost allocation.

HE2PD, Inc has assembled a staff of management experts and industry leaders in the aforementioned fields. Our project management teams are led by individuals with a minimum of 20 years experience in his/her respective discipline and are fully staffed by personnel with a focus on the requirements of our clients.
HE2PD, Inc is uniquely qualified as an owner's representative to supervise a broad range of projects. From office space and tenant build-outs to major medical centers and new retail developments, we are confident in our abilities and look forward to the opportunity to serve the needs of your organization.